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In November of 2020, I decided to execute an idea that I've had in the back of my mind for 4 years. An idea to bring people together behind the game of football we care so much about. To celebrate with designs on streetwear and to create a community, a club, that was able to envision more than we ever could at the time.





wizardfc was just WZRD, and we were very focused on 'Football x Streetwear'. If Vans and Jordans were so popular amongst those who never played basketball or skateboarded before, then surely the world's game had a large stake in this cultural paradigm within the United States. We aimed to be a niche apparel store early on with a few pieces, but the community responded better than we could have imagined and we began to grow, from 5 pieces of clothing to 20 pieces of clothing.

the final result.png

Our Club



At this point, we've built a small online community from scratch without trying too much, we just did what made us happy. We sold out of our first collection 001. We changed our logo into a club logo and crest that gave us a greater personality. The idea of wizardfc is still a living, breathing animal so we’re not really a brand, and we’re not really a club either, and we have been experimenting with how we can shape wizardfc into something beautiful. We launched in January 2021 and we're just having fun with it.

new logo.png


By the summer of 2021, we were sold out of our first collection and began working on 002. That summer changed our direction as we began to focus more on community building through sharing thoughts and opinions about the ongoing matches that summer. We continued to expand and connect with other amazing creators. By the time our second collection dropped, we knew we had found the right path forward.



3 years later, we're getting our hands on better quality clothing fabrics and materials. Our designs are bolder, more artistic, and very expressive of what I envision for my club. All of our garments continue to be ethically sourced. 003 is our newest collection with some of my favorite pieces yet. We simply can't wait for you to try them.

Social Goal

Leading up to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we focused on growing our Instagram & TikTok accounts by posting about the matches every single day. We made graphics, sparked debates, and went viral with millions of views on several different posts. Total engagement reached well over 2 million within the month of the Qatar World Cup. Our community grew, but this is only the beginning!


What Lies Ahead

We aspire to continue to create new experiences through social media, football art canvases, and our 003 clothing drop available in our shop.

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